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Alfred Hitchcocks North by Northwest This movie
was pretty interesting. At first, I didnt look
forward to completing this assignment, but once I
started watching, I was very interested. The
dialogue was clever, but the music was a little
bold. I would say it was cheesy but that probably
isnt the way to say it artistically. I noticed
there were strong beats and drums for climatic and
intense parts such as the fight scenes. Softer
music for the calm, dont-worry-everything-is-safe

I think sound played a major part in the
scene were Robert Thornhill(Cary Grant) is out in
the field waiting for Mr. Caplin. Waiting for the
sound of the cars to get louder, which means they
are close brings impatience. And then when the
plane comes into the scene, the increasing sound
is not desired because we know its after our hero.
Its one of those scenes where you dont know what
the hero should do since hes incredibly vulnerable
all out in the open with virtually no where to
hide. Also, that scene is important because it
makes the love interest, Ms. Eve Campbell(Eva
Marie Saint), look like an Lighting and viewpoint
played big roles in determining the mood for this
movie as well.

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I noticed that the lighting gets
very soft and misty when theres a romantic scene.
It is often low in the mysterious scenes as well.
The scene where Thornhill is spying on the bad
guys is an example. The view point is from the
lower corner. This gives the viewer a feeling of
mystery. Also, the actors face if often very
illuminated. This draws your attention to their
facial expressions to help you understand their
feelings. Another place where the camera leads the
eye is at the train station.

Campbell is in the
phone booth and the camera moves down to show that
one of the bad guys is in a booth also talking on
the phone. Then he gets up and leaves. She steps
out right afterwards. This confirms that she is in
cahoots with the bad guys. One more thing I
noticed was how having other things going on can
draw the viewers attention. For instance, at the
auction, the viewer knows that the bad guy has
bidded and bought a piece of artwork but because
there is an important confrontation going on, we
dont think of its significance.


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